These are personal stories from members of our LGBT+ Network to support Virtual Pride.

So many words to spill

And memories to still

But underneath inside myself I’m “me”

Once hurt inside, hiding, let no-one see

“four eyes, “school bag”, “loner” so many names …..

Laughing, sneering, the butt of all their games

So many

Word to spill


Memories to still.

Back then, at school, buried in learning more

Teflon coating — protect my inner core

Reading, poetry, sanctuary mine

One theme, ten minutes to make it all rhyme

Shakespearean sonnets time after time

Iambic pentameter, rhythm entwined.

At times I pray that my ears would unhear

To blank-out the name calling of yesteryear.


Many words

To spill



To still.

And through it all at two score years and eight

Accepting, embracing. Love. Difference.

Making peace with myself, just a bit late.

Fervent hoping that others too see sense.

Judgement suspended. Love you for yourself

Respect never-ending one world and voice

Sex, gender, age, ethnicity our wealth

Fairness, equality are the only choice.

The world around me turns but I remain.

I stop, I watch the birds, the bees and rain

I’ve changed, grown but inside I’m still the same

Combining two worlds, squished in one refrain.

Farewell judgement girl, no more bitter pill.

So many words I spill, my memories now still.

A poem by Jo MacDonald, Health & Justice Inspector PMS.

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