Moving beyond barriers

  • Reform of planning and commissioning of services. An agreed joint plan, funded I the right way, should support older people in their own homes, help them in an emergency, and then to return home safely.
  • A new approach to system performance management. This would measure how organisations collectively deliver improved outcomes for older people.
  • Joint workforce planning. This would allow flexible and collaborative approaches to staff skills and career paths.
  • Better oversight of local system performance. New legislation so CQC could regulate how people and organisations work together to support people to stay well.

National review of radiology reporting

Our inspections help us make sure services are meeting fundamental standards of quality and safety, and we will take action where potential issues are brought to light through our regulatory activity. At the end of 2017, we initiated a national review of radiology reporting after inspections identified serious concerns in a small number of NHS trusts. The issues found resulted in CQC taking immediate action to protect patients, but also flagged wider concerns about delays in reporting across NHS trusts. We therefore requested data from all acute trusts in England about in order to develop a national picture about the timeliness and governance of radiology reporting.

  • NHS trust boards should ensure that they have effective oversight of radiology backlogs; risks to patients are fully assessed and managed; and staffing and other resources are used effectively to ensure examinations are reporting in an appropriate timeframe.
  • The National Imaging Optimisation Delivery Board should establish national standards for report turnaround times, so that trusts can monitor and benchmark their performance.
  • The Royal College of Radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers should make sure that clear frameworks are developed to support trusts in managing turnaround times safely.

Safety — a top concern

I was pleased to speak at the national Patient Safety Conference this month in Manchester. Safety remains our top concern about services and this was an opportunity for me to highlight some of our key messages about the need to build a consistent safety culture in all services. Where we have seen this done well it has been by effective engagement and empowerment of frontline staff. Our Driving Improvement reports (acute and mental health) outline what successful organisations have told us was effective for them and I would encourage you to read them, if you have not already done so.



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Care Quality Commission

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