Shaping our future in partnership with stakeholders

A picture of Chris Day, Director of Engagement, CQC

Health and social care is changing, so are we

I’m always impressed by the ways health and social care providers and systems innovate to improve the quality of care they provide for people. Some of these changes have been driven or accelerated by the pandemic. Some, like the move to more integrated ways of working, are longer term changes to ensure health and care systems meet the needs of the people they serve.

Putting coproduction at the heart

I’m fully committed to ensuring that genuine coproduction is at the heart of developing new policy, methodology and ways of working.

Make it relevant, make it meaningful

Key to getting this approach right is sharing the right information at the right time. That means sharing clear and accessible information that focusses on what our potential changes mean for people who use services, people who work in health and social care and others.

What we’ve heard

I wanted to share some of the conversations we’ve had recently. In particular in engagement with our External Strategic Advisory Group. This forum brings together stakeholders that represent the public, providers, health and social care professionals and other system partners. We talk to them regularly about the development of our future approach.

  • The types of information that will best help us to assess quality
  • The types of data we hold that will be most useful to share publicly
  • How to maintain and strengthen good relationships with providers
  • How to coordinate our work within and across systems
  • How our new approach can address inequalities and unmet need This feedback has helped shape our work in these areas.

What next

We’ll continue to engage widely to develop and coproduce our future approach. This will also include starting to test our new regulatory model with providers and stakeholders. If you’d like to be involved in this engagement then make sure you’re signed up to receive our bulletins.



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